Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Our Writing

Leaping Leprechauns!
Term 3 2011

We have been adding adjectives to enrich our writing, and make it entertaining for our audience.

We have been adding adjectives to enrich our writing, and make it entertaining for our audience.

Lorcan the Leprechaun is very rich and fast. He ran to a pot of gold but it wasn't there. He has a very pointy nose and square glasses and green sparkly eyes.
- Sam

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a cheeky little fella. The little man is a master. He moves as fast as a cheetah. He wears green pyjamas. He wears a really big top hat like a giant. He shoots up to people and says "Hey!"

There was once a greedy leprechaun who lived in the (most) richest place in the land. He was real cheeky and his hair was as silver as a 50 cent coin. His clothes were light green. His shoes were light green and dark brown. His arms were hairy, and his hands are greenish, and his nose is long and pointy. His feet are springs. He bounces, jumps and dances all over the place. His top hat is red velvet. His eyes shine like the stars and all the ladies fall when they see him.

Lorcan the Leprechaun is smart and funny. He can jump over the house. He plays house and he cheats because he...
- Ayden

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a little monster. He lives in a tree in a forest. The tree is a magic tree. He goes under the ground. He doesn't want people to catch him. He likes gold and he likes rugby.
- Ethan

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a very smart and tricky Leprechaun. He is a very lucky Leprechaun because he gets lots of gold that is very sparkly and shiny. He is fantastic at running away from people who want to catch him. He wanted to live in a beautiful castle that was sparkly and shiny and full of gold. His clothes are made out of leaves with rope that is around the leaves. His pot of gold is hidden somewhere. He has a green top hat. His favourite colour is green and he has green clothes that are all green except his shoes.
- Kayden

Lorcan the Leprechaun has nice gold rich money. Lorcan has green pointy shoes. He lives in the big, damp forest. He's very speedy. He's very very independently smart. He's also quick. Lorcan dances around the place like a fairy. Lorcan the Leprechaun has a nice green big top hat. Lorcan the Leprechaun is teeny weeny like a rat. 
- Oliver C

Lorcan the Leprechaun is fast and he is very rich. He is six and small. He is shy. Lorcan the Leprechaun is very small and likes to dance when there is a party and likes pudding. His nose is pointy and long. His hair is straight and black. Lorcan the Leprechaun is very fast. He is nice. He slides down the rainbow. He wears green clothes except his shoes and brown cowboy boots.
- Giulietta

Lorcan the Leprechaun is rich. He has spicy hair. He is 2 inches long and 8cm. His favourite colour is green. He is cute and lives under He's smart. He's magical and has a moustache.

Lorcan the Leprechaun wears cowboy boots and is very fast and cute. He wears green clothes and eats leaves. One day, he decided to put on a rock star band for a Lady Leprechaun so they could marry each other because he wanted a castle to live in with her. He wanted to be rich like the king. He moves playing a violin and dances like a spring while he is walking and he's crazy. He tries to get gold and he's boney and he does flips everywhere. He moves like a crazy bird dancing in the village and a lady leprechaun fell in love with him.

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a tricky Leprechaun. He has a top hat and an Irish voice. He is very smart. He is a happy Leprechaun and magical. He is quick as a flash! He is 5-8cm tall. Lorcan is very bony and wrinkly. Lorcan is very fragile. He has a moustache. He is very hairy. Lorcan is very mean.
- Oliver S

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a little prince who lived in the forest. He wanted a castle and he had no money, but he was still cool. When he moves, he skips. He has black eyes and ears. He is really lucky. He likes to live all by himself. He's funny and sometimes a bit silly. He wears green and he wears a green hat. He has a pointy nose and pointy ears. 
- Jordyn

Lorcan the Leprechaun slides down the rainbows. He talks squeaky and is very fast. He likes green and is very tiny. He's shy and he can spy. He's quiet and he makes shoes. He likes gold and guards it. He is very clever and lucky. He wears velvet top hats and is magic. He is cool. He dances like a fairy. He has eyes that sparkle like the stars. He's got a pointy nose. He's got spiky ears that are 5-8cm long. He's brainy and he's a clever fellow. He is groovy. He lives in a toadstool but you can't see his door. He only eats broccoli, cabbage and peas. He is smart and intelligent.
- Cora

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a lucky Irish old man. Lorcan the Leprechaun is clever and magical. He has a big nose. He talks like Irish people. He eats green food like broccoli and apples. Leprechauns are very tricky Irish people. He is fantastic at running away from people that are going to catch him. He wanted to live in a beautiful seven story house. He has a gold coin for each year old he is. He has twenty nine pieces of gold hidden somewhere. He has a green top hat on them. He is all green except his shoes, that are fluffy. They love him all the time.
- Ocean

Lorcan the Leprechaun is speedy and he's hard to catch, and is rich. He is groovy and tricky.  When people try to get his gold, he tells them that it is somewhere else. Sometimes he is cold at night. He has a pointy nose. His ears are pointy.
- Jack

Lorcan the Leprechaun is really really tiny. He has lots of magic and gold. He really likes green. He is sometimes naughty. He even has green clothes! He is really funny too. He has a bit of a croaky voice. He is sometimes creepy too. He also is very cheeky. He is really clever too. He has pointy ears. They even guard the pot of gold, and they put it under the rainbow. He has sparkling, beautiful eyes. 

Lorcan the Leprechaun skips about town. He is 8cm tall. He likes to eat...

Lorcan the Leprechaun is so brave and handsome. He is so lucky and good because he always wears green and that is my favourite colour and he eats green food. Leprechauns are lucky and they wear big top hats and big buckles on the hats. 
- Lorna

Lorcan the Leprechaun is two feet long and has a pointy nose. He loves gold and wears green clothes and he's clever and likes eating green food like cabbages and peas. He makes shoes. Leprechauns are really tricky to find and they collect gold and they like green food and they have a little voice and they speak Irish. Lorcan the Leprechaun is fast and greedy. They have pointy shoes. Lorcan is a little cool Leprechaun.

Once upon a time...
Term 2 2011

We are learning to write our very own fairytale. As a part of this learning, we are developing our literary skills by describing characters. Before we 'launch' into our writing, we plan. Today, as we were describing, we used a Bubble Map as a tool to help us with this thinking process. We had to imagine that we were in our character's shoes. We talked about creating new ideas with our imaginations,  persisting to come up with some stunningly original work.

Have a look at Marilena's wonderful ideas...

Mari Bubble

And Giulietta's ...

Giulietta Bubble

Some of our finished character descriptions...

Hello, I am the wicked witch.

I have purple fingernails. I like to eat jelly. Green jelly is my favourite. I love green jelly it is yum. I have green skin. I have green hair.

I have a friend called Alice, and my name is Ella. She is a witch too. I have black clothes. I have a black cat, a black wolf and a black dog too.


I am Marvin. I am awesome because I strive for accuracy by not scribbly dibbly and check it and check it again. People get Marvin because you are awesome people.


Look at me, I am Harry Potter and I have a magic wand.

I go to magic school. I have glasses and they have wands on them. I am very scary in  the dark. I can be bad to children when they are being bad to me. I can make a book float in the air. I have a cat and it is ginger. I have bad dreams about robbers.


I am called Ellie. I'm beautiful and I have pocket money. I'm four years old. My Mum lets me have nail polish. I have two sisters and one brother and my Dad had died. My favourite food is chocolate and ice-cream.


I am Rapunzel. I have a beautiful crown because it has shiny spots. I am really big. I have golden shoes and a dress. I am really nice. I'm good. My Mum is 80 and I am 60.

I am going to have a doll pudding and I am going to have a husband. I'm going to be beautiful. I'm going to have a beautiful day. I will have a carriage. The ball horses are going to be beautiful.


Batman flies to save all the people in town. His friends help him.


Look at me, I have beautiful hair. I like pudding. I am nice. I sleep in a big bed. I met a prince. I got trapped. I am clever. I have a dog and a cat. I felt sad. I like watching TV. My hair is blonde. I have a pet. I have pretty shoes and I am funny. I am intelligent.


Look at me, I am Snow White.

I have a swirly dress on. I am the belle of New York city. I am rich. My mother is dead. My father married again. My mother was the Queen of the underworld.


Hannah Montana sings a lot and her hair is blonde and her eyes are brown.

She wears necklaces and bracelets. She has rude earrings. She is very cool! She has a gorgeous voice and she is in Australia. She has a light voice and sometimes she uses her deep voice. I wanted to go to her show and she has an evil laugh! But I think she is coming to New Zealand. I love her so much.


The Three Little Pigs like to build houses. After they build their houses, the Big Bad Wolf blows their houses down.