Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cora's Holiday Fun

Cora's Holiday Fun on PhotoPeach

Hi Miss Revell
I went on the gig with Jenna at her house. Thunder towed us. It was fun. Jenna's mum also let me ride her other pony. Jenna and I dressed up in tiger suits. We pretended to be real tigers in the jungle.

We bought Junior Monopoly as a treat because we had such a long term. We played it in the morning and Callum won but I will win next time.

We cracked loads of walnuts one morning. I was eating some of them and we are going to make afghan biscuits with them.

I have been reading lots of stories and I read Sleeping beauty to myself. I love reading!

I helped make Callum's birthday cake. It was chocolate and we got to lick the bowl and spoons. It tasted really yummy and I was scoffing it!

I enjoyed reading about your holiday with Marvin on the blog.

From Cora xxxxxxxx

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Miss Revell said...

Wow! What a wonderful description of what you have been up to in your holidays, Cora. I wish I was there with you to sample the afghan biscuits! I love licking the bowl- it's the best part of baking. :)