Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leaping Leprechauns...

The Rockets are learning a little bit about Ireland this term, and today we have been writing about Lorcan the Leprechaun.
We have been adding adjectives to enrich our writing, and make it entertaining for our audience. Our friends at 2KM and 2KJ have been using them too, and they have some great examples of how adjectives colour our writing. Take a look at this interactive whiteboard presentation All about Adjectives. It's really clever and helpful.

Lorcan the Leprechaun is very rich and fast. He ran to a pot of gold but it wasn't there. He has a very pointy nose and square glasses and green sparkly eyes.
- Sam

Lorcan the Leprechaun is a cheeky little fella. The little man is a master. He moves as fast as a cheetah. He wears green pyjamas. He wears a really big top hat like a giant. He shoots up to people and says "Hey!"

There was once a greedy leprechaun who lived in the (most) richest place in the land. He was real cheeky and his hair was as silver as a 50 cent coin. His clothes were light green. His shoes were light green and dark brown. His arms were hairy, and his hands are greenish, and his nose is long and pointy. His feet are springs. He bounces, jumps and dances all over the place. His top hat is red velvet. His eyes shine like the stars and all the ladies fall when they see him.

All the Rockets' Leprechaun writing is posted under the 'Our Writing' page. Please have a look! We would love you to comment :)


Room 14 said...

We have been learning to add adjectives to our writing as well Room 2. It makes our writing interesting, fun to read and our audience can get pictures in their mind of the things we are describing. Keep up the good work.
From Mrs Eden and Room 14.

Ashira said...

I liked all the colourful rugby shirts from different teams.