Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MKK meets the Magpies

Maraekakaho School today welcomed three Hawkes Bay Magpies. A buzz was evident across the school as everyone arrived dressed in their best black and whites. 

Thanks very much to Hugh Reed, Brad Webber, Brodie Retallick and Dan Sommerville, the Magpies Development officer for taking the time to visit us. It was wonderful to have you answer all our burning questions, and to get out on the field and into the drills. Best of luck for the rest of the 2011 season, we are all right behind you!

Magpies on PhotoPeach


Stephanie said...

Wow it looks like you had lots of fun. I can see lots of the students are wearing black and white.

Learning Together said...

Hello Room 2 Rockets
What an amazing experience for you all. We have an AFL team in Australia called the Magpies (Collingwood). They are at the top of the ladder so far this season - and won the Grandfinal last year after 10 years. I am a passionate Magpies follower and I think you are so lucky to have your Magpies team visit you and share their skills.
What did you learn from the players?
From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy