Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pōwhiri for Mr Jones

Pōwhiri for Mr Jones from MissRevell on Vimeo.

Maraekakaho School welcomed our new Principal, Mr Jones, yesterday with a pōwhiri. A pōwhiri is a ceremony of welcome involving speeches, dancing, singing and hongi. This ceremony was traditionally used to welcome visitors on to marae - the sacred space or courtyard usually in front of Māori meeting houses - and the ceremony is now commonly seen in everyday New Zealand life. Pōwhiri can happen anywhere that tangata whenua (hosts) wish to formally greet manuhiri (visitors).

This custom frequently takes place in the workplace to welcome new staff and important guests, at schools, sports and leisure clubs, and at significant occasions or ceremonies, such as a building dedication.
Pōwhiri on PhotoPeach
The Rockets have written about their experiences of the pōwhiri today...

When we were at the Powhiri, it was fun and when we ate food I got some crunchy marshmellows.  -Ayden

We all looked at the the actions that Clive School did for their songs. Max

The Powhiri was awesome because we got to sing to Clive School and they got to sing to us, and we got to make new friends. Ollie C

Yesterday at Maraekakaho School, we had a Powhiri and it was groovy and fantastic. I liked the food, it was delicious! Kayden

At the Powhiri we had lots of food. I liked the Powhiri because we got to have two songs, and the other school got to sing songs too. Marilena

Yesterday we had a Powhiri, it was awesome and I liked when we sung and ate some food. Ethan

Yesterday we had a fantastic blasting Powhiri that was really really fun and exciting. We got to sing and listen to Clive School's waiata. I loved the food.  Chardanae

Yesterday, we had a Powhiri. It was fun because we had food and I was really hungry. We got to listen to Clive School and watch them do the actions to their song. Jack

The Powhiri was awesome, because we got to meet other kids and we ate some food. Ryan

The Powhiri was fun and it was the best day of school so far! Ella

Yesterday we went to a Powhiri. We sang and there was lots of food. Jordyn

On Monday we had a Powhiri and it was very very fun. We sang two songs and had some food.  Lorna

I loved the Powhiri, because I got to try lots of different foods and all of them tasted really yummy.  Wayne