Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Enchanted Forest

MKK was very lucky today to be treated to a performance of "The Enchanted Forest" performed by the amazing team at The Magic Play House.

Their website describes The Enchanted Forest as:
"... essentially a 'Rock concert' for children! It showcases catchy original music, partnered with life like puppets of animals that can be found in the New Zealand bush. 
Old Tuatara M.C's the concert in rhyme, and is a part that would be most effectively played by a teacher, with children performing the Kiwi's, Pukeko's, Slippery eels and Bell Frog's."

 Wow! What a brilliant show... we loved it! Thanks to everyone at The Magic Playhouse.

 Who was your favourite character today?

The Frog, because when he jumped he looked like he was doing a dance. Giulietta

I liked the rat because he was trying to sneak some eggs. Ryan

I liked the kiwi because he was beating up the rat to save its precious babies. Nataliya

I liked the snake because it slithers around and it looks like an "S'. Sam

I liked the rat because those black bands looked like sunglasses. Lorna

The rat is really frustrated with the possum because the possum is to slow to get the eggs. Cora

The green bird was my favourite because it farted on the nasty rat and his eggs. Rieff

My favourite was the Kiwi because it lives in New Zealand and it has a sparkly, shiny hard beak. Marilena

The Kiwi was soft and smooth. At the end of the show the Kiwi was funny when it was fighting the rat and it jumped out of the tree. Max

The frogs are funny when they sing. They sound like little mice squeaking loudly. Ethan

The little tinsy bird was my favourite because when the possum said "I will look after your eggs" the bird knew that he was lying. Ayden


Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Rieff, Marilena and Ollie what fabulous comments you left us. Yes, Marilena the horses were awesome the boys want them at our school for morning tea and lunchtime play - wouldn't that be cool!
Well Rieff we think your blog is fantastic and I really think Miss Revell and I should sort out a skype session very soon.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

Miss Revell said...

Hi Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

We loved your voice thread. We want to try that, it looks cool. We will have to set up a Skype session this week. The Rockets would love to see the Kids with a View!