Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's go All Blacks!

This is so exciting! The All Blacks are playing in the final of the Rugby World Cup 2011 on Sunday night. Marvin is SO looking forward to it. He has a few butterflies in his tummy, but he is ready to cheer the AB's on with gusto! Bring it on!


rmannell said...

After their great victory against Australia, the All Blacks now will face France. This one Aussie who hopes they win.

Go All Blacks!

Ross Mannell (teacher)
NSW, Australia

Jackie Nelson said...

Hi Rockets and Miss Revell
Your quad blog buddies - Room 3 at Craigburn will all be cheering for New Zealand in the rugby final. Of course we were sad when New Zealand beat the Wallabies but now that we are out we really hope that the All Blacks win. Go New Zealand!
From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

Miss Revell said...

Hi Ross

Thanks for your comment. We are so thrilled with the result of last night's game. Gosh, it was a nail biter.

Miss Revell and the Rockets

Miss Revell said...

Hi Mrs Nelson and Room 3

Thanks for your cheering! It worked! The All Blacks won the Rugby world cup! We are so thrilled.

Miss Revell and the Rockets

Anonymous said...

I like your slideshow because it was supporting the All Blacks.
Did you see the rugby world cup final I think everyone did? I did! Did you notice how close france was
to New Zealand? It was very frightening wasn't it?
I am so glad they won!
From Rohan Kids with a view

Room16HES said...

Dear Room 2 Rockets
Bradley likes the song in the video the most, it was very funny. We watched the RWC too. It was great that we won! What was your favourite game? Was it the final?
from Bradley and Tui