Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kereru Champions

The Rockets had an incredibly successful day running at the Kereru Cross Country yesterday. We were so excited to get up into the Hawke's Bay hills and show off our long distance running skills and tactics! We were so thrilled having three champions in the class. Jack won the Year 2 boy's race, Lorna came second in the Year 1 race, and Ocean came third in the Year 2 race. Wow Champions! Well done we are so proud of you! All the Rockets had big smiles on their faces on the way home. Marvin was so thrilled and proud of everyone's efforts. Go team!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rockets this is Maia from Point View School. I like your blog because there is a running race movie. You all looked like you ran your very best. Great job! What did it feel like when you were running and when you had finished? Where you tired?

Anonymous said...

Jack won the year 2 race well done Jack you must be a fast runner. How did you feel being the winner? From Benny and Aryaan Point View School

Anonymous said...

Dear rockets I like your blog because you have a New Zealand flag too. You have the same rugby world cup count down as us. Marvin is a bit noisy when we are on your blog he always goes munch munch! Did you have fun at your cross-country? From Sienna Point View School

Hamilton East School said...

To Room 2
You are very good runners. We had our Cross Country day in August. We both got 2nd. We all ran our fastest, all the way to the finish. Did you get tired legs from running.
from Bradley and Shaneills

Jack said...

Ata mārie Room 16

Thank you for writing the comments. My legs got very tired, but I came first out of three schools.

From Jack