Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Go the Irish!

The Rockets are very proud of the Irish Rugby Team, after their momentous win against Australia on Saturday night. We are learning about Ireland while the Rugby World Cup is being played in New Zealand. 

We know that their national colour is green, that their flag has orange, white and green stripes and that they have Leprechauns running around in their countryside! We thought it was quite funny when we learned that Ireland is an island.
We love trying to spot Leprechauns on the Leprechaun Watch website.

Marilena brought this picture that she drew over the weekend. Isn't it fabulous!


Kauri 3 said...

Hi Rockets. My name is Mrs. Martin and I teach a class of Year 6 children in Auckland. We are also supporting the Irish and did a big cheer this morning to celebrate the win!

Jackie Nelson said...

Hi Rockets
I guess because we are from Australia we felt a bit sad that our Wallabies lost the game.
Do you think there will ever be a World Cup game that Australia play in where you will cheer for us as well?
We were really happy for your team - the All Blacks - that you won the game against Japan. You must have felt very proud of your team.
From Mrs Nelson and Room 3

Miss Revell said...

Ata Mārie Mrs Nelson and Mrs Martin

Thank you for your comments! Mrs Nelson, we would cheer for the Wallabies if they were playing Japan! This is a bit contentious in the classroom however!

Have the Wallabies won a game in the tournament so far?

Yes, we are very proud of the All Blacks. Some of us have flags on our cars.

From Room 2 Rockets, Miss Revell and Marvin.