Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's a blog?

The Rockets were so impressed with Gina from Point View School, and the way that she explained what a blog is. Take a look here.

Here are our thoughts:

Rieff on "What is a blog?" from MissRevell on Vimeo.


Jackie Nelson said...

Congratulations Marilena, Sam and Rieff - we thought your ideas about blogs were well thought out. You all spoke so clearly so it was easy to listen to you. Rieff lots of us have gaps in our teeth just like you do. What do you do when a tooth falls out? We hope you all have a happy weekend. We're not sure when New Zealand play their next match in the World Cup but good luck. We know you will cheer loudly for your country.
From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

Jackie Nelson said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets
We think it's great that you are learning about 'what is a blog?' Have you had fun learning about it? We liked your talking about the blogs. It was good to hear your voices. From Charlotte and Grace. We are great friends at Craigburn Primary School

Jackie Nelson said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets
I liked listening to your talking about blogs. I thought you used good expression with your voices. Did you have to practice lots with Miss Revell? It was my birthday and I got my hair straight for it. from Amelia

Ethan said...

Ata mārie Room 3

Thank you for your comment.

The ladybirds are not a sticker, they are a piece of paper. My sister's name is Amelia.

From Ethan

Wix Primary said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets,

We have enjoyed listening to you explain blogs. You expressed yourselves really well. We like your accents too!

Stefan Åge Nielsen said...

Hello Room 2 and all you fantastic Rockets. You are quite right in your presentations of blogs.
You really have a great blog and we would love to follow your work reguarely from now on.
We ar are a 1st grade class (7-8 year olds)from Vonsild School, Kolding, Denmark. We also have a blog - both in Danish and English. We hope you would like to follow our life here up North. http://vonsildskole11.blogspot.com/
Keep up the good work.
Stefan Nielsen
1st grade teacher