Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ko wai tō ingoa? Ko Rockets matou.

Our first attempt at voice thread! We would love you to comment.

We have been learning how to greet each using Te Reo Māori. We can ask each other "What is your name?" which is "Ko wai tō ingoa?" and reply "My name is ........" , "Ko ........ ahau."


Jackie Nelson said...

Hi there Rockets.
We think you are clever to do a Voice thread. We have started a Voice thread about our avatars but we just haven't been able to finish it off. You have inspired us to persist. It is wonderful that you are learning to greet each other using Maori. Can you tell us what Te Reo Maori is? Are there Rockets who speak Te Reo Maori at home? From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

jackienelson said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets
Did you know that my Dad used to play rugby? I don't know how to play it though. Do you know how to play it? At recess and lunch I play football or soccer with my friends. From Nathan

Jackie Nelson said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets
Is it hard doing a Voicethread? We just can't get ours to work. It makes Mrs Nelson sad. Your Maori sounds amazing. From Liam

Jackie Nelson said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets I like your Maori talking. Your drawings are great too. I think you are clever. From James

Hamilton East School said...

Tena Koe Room 2 Rockets,
We think your voicethread is fantastic. You have learnt to say your names in Maori.
Ko Hamutana Rawhiti taku kura means
our school is Hamilton East in Maori.
We have a special gateway into our school
our To Tatou Toanga. Do you have something special in your school?
from Room 16 and Mrs McKenzie

Kayden said...

Ata mārie Room 3

Thank you for the comments. At lunchtime I play rugby with my friend, Jack. I get lots of tries when I play. I feel happy when I get tries.

From Kayden

Marilena said...

Ata mārie Hamilton East School

Thank you for your comment. We do have some Māori things at our school. We have Māori words above Mrs Potter's chair to welcome everyone to our school.

From Marilena

Ocean said...

Ata mārie Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

Thank you for the comments. Do you know which picture is mine? I will give you a hint which one is mine. It has Happy Birthday on it and it has a rainbow on it.

From Ocean

Giulietta said...

Ata mārie Liam

Thank you for the comments. No, it is not hard to do voice thread.

From Giulietta

Chardanae said...

Kia ora Room 3

Thanks for the comment. Yes, we do know how to play Rugby. Sometimes I get tries!

From Chardanae
Room 2 Rockets

Aum said...

I like all your recordings because you are good at recording and do you play rugby? Your blog is so awesome!

Wix Primary said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets,

We have enjoyed listening to you guys speak Maori. We have been learning French at school.