Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Habits of Mind in Action!

Maraekakaho School uses the Habits of Mind as the foundation upon which we place our learning. We are always referring to them throughout our school environment. 
 These are the some Habits that the Rockets use, in "Rocket speak."

The Habits of Mind are a collection of 16 thinking dispositions identified by Professor Art Costa. Costa defined the Habits of Mind as the dispositions skillfully and mindfully displayed by characteristically intelligent people when confronted with problems the solutions to which are not immediately apparent. The Habits of Mind are not thinking tools, rather they are dispositions that inclines one to adopt a thinking tools and strategies.

 Here is Professor Costa explaining the Habits:

This is from some clever kids, posted on You Tube from http://dinorita.edublogs.org/ 

What Habits have you used today?

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jackie Nelson said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets
Your Rocket Speak - Habits of the Mind video is SPECTACULAR! You speak so clearly and the habits that you are talking about on the way to blasting off to be successful are wonderful. If you follow your Rocket Speak letters you will all be successful learners.
Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving us some positive comments. Special thanks to Marliena, Guilietta, Cora, Rieff and Ollie. We love being your quad blog buddies.
From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

Miss Revell said...

Hi Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

Thanks so much for your comment. We had so much fun making that video. We have made another one to inspire the All Blacks to win the RWC. It is still being edited at the moment, but watch this space!

The Rockets and Miss Revell