Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quad Blogging

The Rockets are excited to be part of the Quad Blogging project.
This project involves 4 schools each with a class blog. The schools take it in turns in a 4 week cycle to be the focus of the other 3 schools. These schools visit the blog of the focus school to respond to posts, leave comments and generally learn about school life and students in different places.
Visit the Quad Blog website for more details:
The 3 other school that make up the Quad with the Rockets are:
Room 3 and Mrs Nelson from Craigburn Primary School in Australia.
Room 1 and Mrs McKenzie from Hamilton East School - NZ.
Year 3 and Miss Donacien from Wix Primary in England.

Mrs Yollis' Grade 3 class in California are experts at blogging. Watch their their presentation on how they learn from their experiences with blogging. 

What have you learnt about blogging from watching this?


Sienna,Neeve said...

Dear rockets do you blog with the school that made that vidio?

Miss Revell said...

Ata mārie Sienna and Neeve

Thank you for the comment. No, we don't blog with them, but we love their video and we sometimes look at their blog.

They live in California! How cool is that.

From the Room 2 Rockets