Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MKK X Factor

The Rockets and the Junior Syndicate were thoroughly entertained by the participants in the first round of the MKK "X Factor" competition. 

In this competition individual or group entries sing or dance. Sometimes, if they are particularly clever, they are able to do both at the same time! There have even been performances by Rock Bands this year in the Senior competition. They are very inspirational to us.

We are so looking forward to the final tomorrow. Watch this space for results! :)


Charlotte and Jamie said...

Hello room2.
It looked like you had lots of fun! We had a Craigburn's Got Talent and me (Charlotte) ,Lainey, Ava, and Jasmine tried out but we didn't get in to the finals but Aimee got in and she played the piano.
Who won the X Factor and was there a prize?
From Charlotte and Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Room 2 Rockets,
You were wonderful because you were focused and learning the song. Charlotte,Lainey,Ava and Jasmine sing so amazing, like a real singer. Were you tired?From Tylah-Dawnn HES Room 16

Anonymous said...

Dear Room 2.
Your fashion was amazing, just beautiful.
I wish I can have make up like that.
Where did you get all the fashion?
from Alice Room 16

Anonymous said...

Dear Room2
WoW Room2 the cconcer was amszing, the boy and girls were amazing to. HES had a Glee concert. it was amazing too. Did room 2 sing?
from Alaa HES

HES said...

Dear room2
I really liked your dance, it looked liked our glee dance
but I think that you guys are better dancers then us,
so we think that room16 should do that to.
from Nevaeh. Room 16