Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

National Jandal Day

We celebrated the great work of our local Surf Lifeguards on Thursday by supporting National Jandal Day. Since 1910, Surf Lifeguards have been patrolling our beaches in their jandals.

For more information, have a look at the Surf Lifesaving New Zealand website or the National Jandal Day page on Facebook.

We decorated our jandals creatively and showed them off in a parade. The Teachers made some tough decisions in awarding the Junior School jandal prize to Kayden, and the Senior School's to Max. Well done boys, some excellent creating, innovating and imagining there!


Xavier and Alex said...

Dear Room 2 Rockets
At first we didn't know what jandals were. In Australia we call them thongs or flipflops.
We love your thongs. We like the one with the balloon on it. How long did it take to decorate them? From Xavier and Alex

Ms. Tieppo said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets,

I love your fancy jandals. It must have been hard to choose a winner.
I have learned something new from your blog today. I now know what jandals are. In Melbourne, we call them thongs!

Keep up the great work.

From Ms. Tieppo

Anonymous said...

Well done Room 2. Your jandals were very creative. We liked the sparkles and especially the raindrops. Did you raise some money for the Surf Lifeguards? We are very lucky in New Zealand to have Lifeguards patrolling our beaches in the summer holidays.
Are you going on a class trip for the end of the year? We are going to the Hamilton Gardens for an 'Amazing Race Day'.
We are all going on holiday next week. We wish you all 'Happy Holidays' with your families.
from Room 16 and Mrs McKenzie

Anonymous said...

WoW room 2 rockets I loved the jandals with the white ballon. It looked awesome. We do "Loud shirt day" instead of "National Jandal day". How much money did you get?
From Rafeea Room 16

HES said...

Hi Room 2 Rockets
I Like your jandals. How did you design you jandals? Your jandals are good.
from Namrata Room 16

HES said...

WOW room2, that was lots of filming to do. Where did
you get the items? We like filming too .You should go
to our blog.
From Nathan Room 16

Wix Primary said...

That is such a great idea! We were a bit confused by the word jandals, because in England we call them flipflops.

How long did it take to make?

Well done for producing such creative jandals.