Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pet Day 2011

Wow! So exciting. Pet day was held yesterday, Friday, November 4th. 

We all brought an exceptional array of pets. There were rabbits, chooks, cats, dogs, lambs, goats and ponies. Turtles and snails arrived too! It was an outstanding day in the spring sunshine. Thanks to all our parents for the transportation of animals and their support. A popular category was the best dressed pet. We had dogs that were Super Heroes, Zumba champions, Cowboys, Fairies and Rugby stars!

Thanks to the National bank for their support, and for lending us one of their busy Rural Managers, Marcus Bousfield for the afternoon. There were some tricky decisions for him to make in the judging!

Excellent organisation from Ms White, Mrs Potter, Mrs MacPhee and Mrs Byers made the day a huge success. Great effort team! We can't wait for next year.

The Rockets made Sand Saucers in class on Thursday with Mrs O'Dowda. 
These were judged on Pet Day. Take a look!

Do you have a pet at home?
How do you care for it?


rmannell said...

Hello again Room 2 Rockets.

It looks as though you all had a wonderful time at the Pet Day 2011. I was very impressed with the range of pets I saw in the photos.

The other creations were amazing. Inventions, cupcakes, sandsaucers and cakes are very well presented.

Well done all of you. :)

Ross Mannell (teacher)
NSW, Australia

Miss Revell said...

Kia Ora Mr Mannell

Thanks so much for your comment!

We had such a wonderful day, the sun was shining and everyone was smiling! It was great to see some of the Rockets with rosettes rewarding their tremendous efforts.

We really appreciate you taking the time to write a comment and support our learning.

Miss Revell and the Rockets

Room 14 said...

Hi Rockets.
I am soooo... impressed with the lovely video of your pet day. Your animals look like they had an amazing day. I especially like the dressed up pets. Your cupcakes look very scrummy! The sand saucers are very, very creative and pretty. You must have been so proud of yourselves. Miss Revell is so lucky to have such a wonderful class. We have our school gala next weekend, so I hope we have just as much fun.
From Room 14 and Mrs Eden.

Room 16 HES said...

Wow Room 2 Rockets your pet day was really cool. We liked looking at all the animals. Why did you have a pet day?
from Brooklyn and Nathan

Room16HES said...

Dear Room 2
We like your pet day. The horse is the best. It looks big and brown. We like the dog with the cape. How many different kinds of pets did you have?
from Mele and Shaneille

Hamilton East School said...

Dear Room 2 Rockets
We think your flowers are very wonderful .We think we may have one of those flowers because they look so wonderful. How many different animals did you have? We liked the lambs.
From Namrata and Tylah-Dawnn
p.s Where did you keep all the animals?

Jackie Nelson said...

To room 2 I like your pet day. I have a pet dog too. My pet dog's name is Girl. from Nathan.

Jackie Nelson said...

To room2. I love all of your pets. What did the lamb win a ribbon for? I have some pets too. I have a rabbit and a guinea pig and a cat. From Jamie.

Jackie Nelson said...

Dear Room 2 Rockets

Pet day sounds fun!

How was it?

At home we have a pet cat.Its an outside cat. We easily lose our cat. Our cat is called Daxter.

The horse is the biggest pet of them all!

The video is pretty interesting.

You have a lot of different kinds of pets. What are some of their names?

All the pets are pretty cool!

I like the dog dressed as a fairy!

We feed our cat Daxter cat food and water but no milk.

You all must be responsible taking care of a pet.

From Azalea

Jackie Nelson said...

To the rockets. I like pets but I don't have any pet yet.
Connor has pets. He is my friend he is cool. He has dogs and rabbits. I want a pet but my mum wont let me have one. It is not fair but I have seen lots of my friends pets.from Mitchell and Connor.

Jackie Nelson said...

Dear room2 rockets
I like your sand saucers.Do you like your sand saucers? I like the flowers and the shells on them. They are nice.
love from Alex

Jackie Nelosn said...

Hello room 2 Rockets
I had a pet. It was some fish and a dog and 3 hens.
I wish I had a puppy. I liked your pet show day. From Jasmin

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog this my one if you forget http://aumiep.blogspot.com
I answered the questions on my blog that you typed in. By Aum Kids with a view

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Rockets
You are so lucky to have a pet day. It looks like so much fun!
We haven't had a pet day at our school in a long time! I think because we have over 850 children at our school it might just be a little bit hectic!
I am sure not many of our children will have horses, cows or sheep.
Were all the animals good? Or do you have some funny stories to tell?
Mrs Laburn remembers making sand saucers when she went to school!!

Talk soon
From Kids with a view

Room16HES said...

Hi Room 2 Rokets
We liked your pet day. It looked like so much fun. How did you make the nature gardens?
from Namrata, Rafeea and Mele

Emer said...

Hello Rockets,

I liked the way that we made the sandsaucers with flowers and toys.

from Emer

Anonymous said...

Wow, your pet day looks amazing. It was great to see so many different animals.

Unfortunately we don't have pet day in our school. We haven't even got a green area as part of our playground.

Sometimes we do have chicks in school in the nursery classroom.

How long have you been having pet days? What if you don't have a pet at home?

Wix Primary Year 3 said...

I really like that some of the animals were dressed up. Amina and Caua

Wix said...

I liked your rudolf song it was great and funny. Brooke