Warming Up!

Warming Up!
Starting 2011 as a team.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our new listening post

We are so excited! We were inspired by our friends at 2KM and 2KJ at Leopold Primary in Victoria, Australia. Their teacher, Mrs Kathleen Morris, posted some ideas on her blog about using an ipod touch in the classroom.

We were lucky enough to already have an ipod touch that we share in our Junior Syndicate, and so we decided using it for this purpose would be really cool. We just needed to buy a little headphone splitter - you can see it here in the photo. Now five children can listen to the ipod at the same time.
Thanks for this wonderful idea Mrs Morris!


Kathleen Morris said...

Dear Room Two Rockets,

How fantastic that you have a new listening post!

I love sharing ideas with other teachers and students.

In 2KM and 2KJ we love doing all sorts of things with our iPod Touch. Listening to stories with our headphone splitter is one of our favourite activities.

Have you found any stories for your iPod Touch yet?

Your friend in Australia,
Mrs M☀rris

rmannell said...

Dear Room Two Rockets,

I saw Mrs Morris's comment about your new listening post. It looks wonderful.

I also follow 2KJ and 2KM's blog and saw the post showing how to set up a listening post with an iPod. I hope you have some wonderful experiences with it.

While I no longer have a class of my own, I visit class and school blogs of children around the world. There are now many teachers and students sharing what they do.

Ross Mannell (teacher)
S-E NSW, Australia

Miss Revell said...

Thank you so much for your comments, Mr Mannell. We really appreciate getting comments from our audience. It is so great to be able to share our ideas so easily, and with people from all over the world!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rockets It's Neeve here from Point View School.
We use ipods and ipads in our classroom too! Do you have lots of ipods? Sometimes we use ours to record our stories.

Rohan said...

WOW you look cool sitting like that using your ipod!
We use ipods and ipads too. In reading time my group was searching on google maps to find Rarotonga and we also looked up words we didn't understand... it was cool fun. How many ipads and ipods have you got? From Rohan Point View School

Anonymous said...

Hi Rockets my name is Alex from Point View School. I like seeing you using ipods. What story are you listening to?